Nicholas Hazard Collins is an international relations professional with a passion for documenting landscapes, cultures, and people around the world. The photographs in his galleries chronicle travels to north and west Africa, Peru, and Europe, as well as urban and natural scenes from around the U.S. 

Artist statement about the ‘North Africa’ and ‘Revolution’ galleries:

In January 2011, I traveled to Tunisia one week after citizens mounted dramatic protests to overthrow the entrenched former regime. My photos seek to capture the immense tumult that gripped the country during the early months of its political transition, and the cathartic experience of the revolution for Tunisian citizens. I returned to Tunisia several times during that fascinating year, culminating with the historic elections in October, which are depicted by photos of voters’ and election officials’ enthusiasm at the polls.

I then traveled to neighboring Libya in 2012, where my photographs document the wake of the revolution and its ensuing conflict, as well as Libyans' unique perseverance and tenacity. Young people across North Africa seek a voice in newly empowered societies, reflected in my galleries through images of Libyan youth surmounting historic Roman ruins in Libya, and walking through a destroyed army base in Benghazi. These series also celebrate new freedoms of expression, as citizens use graffiti to show jubilation and national pride while mourning the tragic sacrifices made during the uprising. Even amid this revolutionary fervor, life continues as normal in North Africa, captured in the quotidian, tranquil beauty of city streets and seaside vistas. Other photos from earlier travels to Morocco also reaffirm the sense of wonder and hope that characterizes North Africa.

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